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Revenue Management

After setting our goals and expectations for each period, it is our job to come up with the way for you to achieve a steady flow of reservations. This includes daily monitoring of the property's pricing position, proper channeling and making necessary adjustments. 

Direct Bookings


Regardless of how hard it might seem, it is our job to help you steer as many guests to book via your own website and increase the percentage of people who call you directly for a room.

Managing OTAs


With our profound knowledge of the online channels (, expedia etc.), we can guarantee that your property will be among the top of each market.

Website Development

Starting from the basics, an updated and user-friendly website is the foundation of the reservation process. We can offer our expert advice not only on optimising your current website but also create a new one for you from scratch.

Reservations Management


One of your strongest headaches could go away. We can handle all communication with guests, both with those who have already booked, as well as those who haven’t made up their mind yet.

Social Media

Social Media play a constantly growing role in the increase of online sales and in clientele development. Having an attractive and updated page in all major social networking sites is a necessity. Not only will this bring direct bookings in the short run - it will also set strong foundations to create a solid brand in the long run. 


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